Yuilop – more than just chatting!

As a member of the „Tool-Fool“ group, I was searching for interesting and useful tools for our smartphones, iphones or blackberries.  Well in my case I´m just going to imagine how it would be to have one of these.

Because of different reasons, now I am not in the position to buy a new phone with all these features.  But I do think is important nowadays to have a phone that allows you to be online all the time, more if you are already in college or working for a company.  For example now some companies give you even when you start a new iphone, blackberry or android so they can communicate with you at all time!

Well, let´s cut to the chase.  The new “tool” I will introduce you is YUILOP.  For a long time the SMS were a big source of profit for the Cell-phones companies, people were sending housands of thousands of messages in a month. But now with the chance of having internet in your phones, you can communicate with friends through

regular Mail, Facebook, or instant messaging tools like Whatsapp or Blackberry messenger.  The average cost of sending a regular SMS is around 0.20 Euro, but if you hire from your provider an internet flat rate you will have the chance to minimize this cost by using the programs I’ve mentioned already, the only “problem” is that the use is limited, you can use it only with persons that have the same app as you.

But with the App Yuilop for Androids and recently Iphones you have the chance not only to “chat” with persons that share the same tool, but you can also send regular SMS to persons like me that do not possess an Android, Iphone or Blackberry.

What can this new cool tool do???

  • Well with this cool app you can send unlimited free SMS to any provider and in 110 countries worldwide (for now free SMS only in Germany).
  • You also get to be in contact with all your friends, even when the receiver has no Smartphone.
  • Real-time status –> Appears on your screen if your SMS has been send, read or if that person is writing you back.
  • They also want in the future to offer you the possibility to call for free.

If I want it, where should I go and download it?

If you are interested go to the webpage http://yuilop.com/de/download/, sadly is only for Androids and Iphones available.  Once you downloaded it you will get a new yuilop number (but it doesn´t mean you won´t have you regular cell-phone number) and through this new number you can send the SMS for free, thanks to a energy system they implemented.

The whole point of this system is to gain as much as possible new members.

But how does it really this energy system works???

You will get extra “energy points” every time you get a new SMS on your Yuilop number,  when you invite friends to become new members, through chatting with other yuilop contacts and also through some yuilop activities concerning in energy points. And how do I spend this energy points?? Well, points will be taken away every time you send an SMS.

If I would have an android or iphone I would definitely give it a try,
because then I can also communicate with friends that don´t have
Smartphones and the best you can download it for FREE!

So who knows and just give it a try?? if you do, let me know how it


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