A tool for PDF´s

Hej Guys there are a lot of cool tools out there in the internet.

One of them is the PDFCreator.

This little cool tool makes it possible to create a PDF Document from a whole bunch of Data-Types. We all know that PDF is a very common Datatyp to share documents in private and in business.

“For good or evil, pdf is the standard format for universal accessibility. Adobe Reader is ubiquitous, and pdf’s are viewable on all computer platforms.” assures the guys from nedwolf.com

The function of the PDFCreator is very simple. After the installation the program simulates another printer and with that it converts for example word into a PDF.

So the PDFCreator is a very useful tool to share your documents easy. For Adam Pash the PDFCreator is an “all-in-one PDF Swiss Army knife”.

And Rob Dunn discovered an also little cool feature of this Tool. He found out that it is possible to shrink PDF daters with the PDFCreator. Here is his story.

It is also possible to melt different PDF into one. And the best part again is, it is totally free.

If you would like to have this useful tool you can download here at chip.de.

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