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XMind  –easy mind maps

Whoever likes to use mind maps may know about XMind already. A Tool to create mind maps with a couple clicks only.

XMind is a crippleware and hence there are two different types available. One is free and one is commercial. Nevertheless, there’s no lack of any essential feature when using the free version. You can find a complete overview of what XMind Pro (49$ a year) offers you by clicking on this link.

XMind allows you to keep ideas and structures neatly arranged. The freeware links text fields and connections to vivid diagrams and possibly uploads results to the web. It is possible to create classic mind maps as well as fishbone diagrams or spreadsheets by selecting the appropriate template. The style can be changed even when processing without additional manual effort. An essential part for easy handling contributes to the webbrowser-like user interface. XMind allows to open multiple tabs simultaneously, that allows you to keep track on different projects. Connections, bubbles and so on can be colored and moved freely. Finished diagrams can be saved in .JPG, .HTML, Word-Doc or PDF and uploaded onto www.xmind.net which makes them easily accessible for different persons on different locations. XMind Pro even allows you to add audio comments.

Here’s a Video Tutorial:

Recently, blog.xmind.net announced a new portable version of XMind.

“XMind Portable version is special designed for people who have limitation to install software on computers, or have to use XMind temporarily on other computers.”

Great! Now I can use XMind on university-computers as well.

Even Biggerplate supports XMind as they reported on their blog!

“The addition of XMind to the library is yet another exciting step forward for Biggerplate, and a testament to a fantastic piece of software that has been making some big waves within the mind mapping world!”

I am going to use this awesome freeware in the future. It helps me to sort and collect information as well as getting a general illustrative overview on certain topics.

Franz S.


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