A Kind of Revolutionay Application!

On my last post I talked about why are companies giving cell phones to their employees.  This time I want to introduce you a cool application which could come handy while working.


The application I want to show you is Bump, an application created by Bump Technologies for Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems.

This nice application allows two smartphone users to gently bump their phones together to exchange your personal contact information or from someone else, photos, music, calendars, apps, social networks and more.

This is one of the most popular free app of all times. And how does it really works?, Well before bumping phones, each user confirms what he or she wants to share with the other user, and within 5 – 10 seconds confirmation messages appears on your screen for you to accept, then automatically you receive the sent data on your phone and vice versa.

I found this app interesting because you don’t need a keyboard to type in the name and number of the other person, you just bump your smartphones together and done.

The idea for Bump was conceived by David Lieb, he felt that while entering contact information into his iPhone, the process could be improved, and that´s how Bump Technologies was founded.

For a small tutorial on how to use Bump look at the video.

The foundation

Wanting to dig into the reasons of creating an application like this one, I look up for more information about the creator.

On xconomy.com I found an interesting story about how David Lieb conceive the idea for Bump.

The idea was born during his first week at the University of Chicago´s Booth School of Business in 2008.  He found himself meeting dozens of new classmates and typing their names, phone numbers, and email addresses into his phone´s address book, one by one.  He thought this procedure was a waste of time and he needed to do something to fix this.

This obsession with the mobile-device data transfer problem cause eventually him to dropped out his studies at his business school.   Before he quits studying he won together with a classmate $25,000 in the school´s New Venture Challenge entrepreneurship competition for Bump – a software they created to instantly send data between any two iPhones.

After investing a lot of time and dedication, they create what is the actual Bump now. They just wanted to create something easy to use, that would save time to everyone.  “There´s no chance my mom could figure out Bluetooth, but if I told her just to bump her phone, she can do that”, explains Lieb.

David Lieb wants to “solve people problems in the real world”, that´s what he expects with his company, to create and improve applications to make people lives easier, according to an interview with Julie O´Dell at the VentureBeat studios.

I believe this is quite an useful application that was created to save us some time and make our lives a little bit easier, sadly only for those who have an Android or an iPhone.


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