Project Management – Can Software Solve all of our Problems?

The right Project Management Software

When you search the web for information about Project Management Software (PMS), you’ll find plenty of Software providers that offer, as they say, the best program on market. Surely, all of them aim to implement something extraordinary and matchless in their application but that extra feature shouldn’t be the decisive argument for a purchase. Rating agencies like TopTenReviews and forums like Bright Hub zero in on discussing software in order to provide potential customers with a good resume of the respective program. To eventually understand these summaries and to find the program that suits most, it’s inevitable to acquire a deeper knowledge of the problems that may occur and to know what project management software does to solve or minimize the issues. Project Management Software 2

There are far more than a hundred problems that are likely to occur and cause a project to fail, if certain aspects are neglected or even excluded when starting a new project. I, personally, set priorities, only writing about the potential problems that I consider to be the most significant ones. If we structure the process of a project, we can simply use 3 time periods: Firstly the “preparation-period” when requirements, time frames, objectives and steps are set and evaluated. Secondly the actual “execution” and lastly the “revision” of the project, when success is evaluated through a nominal-actual comparison.


Prepare your Project carefully! Project Management Software

Steve Yager, CEO Artemis International, claims that the first problem that may cause a project to fail is the fact that it can’t begin on time and has vague requirements. To avoid these issues, he suggests to start the project, no matter what’s additionally going on, even if you only start out by breaking down tasks. “The project scope must be narrowed enough at the outset to provide a clear path to the end. Before moving forward, project managers should establish reasonably stable metrics”, Yager writes. He admits that project management software can easily help you by enabling you to create a schedule and set priorities. Based on your needs these programs even provide you with realistic projections to help you manage your resources.

The  Strategic Alignment

Managers want to make sure that they start the right project. Lack of strategic alignment is another indicator for failing. When you’ve reached a point where your current project does not anymore correspond to the objectives you’d set, it’s already too late because you’ve been investing tons of time and money. Yager therefore recommends to ensure that “each project charter contains and explains the rationale for undertaking a project in the context of the current business drivers of the organization.”


 Don’t´Ignore First Stirrings of Failure

When the execution of the project has been started, it’s still likely to fail if you don’t pay close attention to approaching disasters. If there is any sign of failure, you may want to take it seriously and start trying to fix the issue instead of ignoring. Software, in this respect, helps you by reminding you when you’ve reached limits of your resources. It also illustrates the amount of days you’re lagging behind your set time.

 How Does PMS Accelerate the Process?

James Clear addresses an additional issue. Slow communication. If you’re working for a client, an unsteadily communication may result in stagnation of the project. This might be due to the contact’s low interest in the project or communication issues. Project Management Software therefore allows you to easily share the progress with whoever you want and enables you to quickly communicate within the team or with outsiders. In consequence of this, Yager adds that it’s vitally important to make sure that other member can smoothly take over tasks in case of absenteeism. Applications enable managers to post tasks and member to accept or refuse them.


Learning from mistakes!

After your project has finished, managers are expected to revise and evaluate the process and the project in general. The Natural Resources Management and Environment Department gives a clear statement referring to the evaluation:” The consensus is that evaluation, like monitoring, is important because it allows lessons to be learned, leading to improvement in future projects.” The feedback options are a efficient and easy way to revise your project and get feedback by the client, management etc. The project management software contains special columns to give feedback, which should already be used during the project to make sure you’re on the right track. In the end software gives you a clear view on how well you’ve used all of your resources to, as NRMaED writes, learn from it.

Is PMS my Savior?

Project Management Software if definitely a great way to help you manage and organize your project but it’s based on your commands, as a1tasks post on their blog:” Since project management software does not possess intelligence of its own, it cannot be expected to solve all problems.”

So it is still up to you to be aware of the problems related to Project Management and to not let them destroy our project!


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