The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phones at Work

While I was writing my last post on “Why should companies give cell phones to their employees?”, I ask  myself about the pros and cons of using a personal cell phone to do some office work.

Going through this idea I did some research that I would like to introduce you, so let´s start off  with the positive side of this matter.


  • The biggest advantage of having a mobile phone is that it becomes much easier to contact you, it doesn´t matter if you are on your way to work stuck in traffic, or if you just left for a business trip, your clients and colleagues will always be able to contact you anytime.
  • In the event of a critical problem, it can be communicated to you and a decision taken, without you having to be in the office.
  • They allow a whole network of employees or offices to communicate with each other no matter where they are.
  • Effective use of mobile phones can help improve both employer to employee, and employee to employee communications.
  • They are also so common that nowadays everybody expects you to have one.  Especially if your job takes place a lot outside the office, people will expect to have another number to contact you.
  • A mobile phone gives you more “time” to communicate, an important conversation can take place anywhere like for example on a train, or on your way to the airport if you are leaving for a business trip, which puts less restrictions on time.
  • It also allows you to confirm and check details quickly, or to get that information you might forgot before an important meeting.
  • It allows you to check your appointments.  You can communicate with an employee or with the person you intend to meet at any time to confirm.
  • Now because of the advance of technology, you can use your cell phone as a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), where you can set reminders and notes in the same way as a paper organizer.
  • With cell phones you can get also emails and your are able to answer them right away.


  • One of the disadvantages of being accessible from anywhere and at any time is that you might get calls outside of business hours.
  • Another disadvantage might be that if a customer sees a mobile phone number as the only source of contact, then most will automatically assume that the business is small and has no office or resources.
  • The biggest fear many employers have over using a mobile phone for business is that the cost will be so high as to damage their business, because there is a risk that some employees could misuse the phone, raising bills massively.
  • Some business charge their employees for the non-business calls, so they make sure bills charges are kept as low as possible.

These are the general pros and cons of using either a personal or a business cell phone at work.

In my next blog post I will go more deep into if companies should or shouldn´t let employees to use their personal Smartphones at the workplace.


4 thoughts on “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phones at Work

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  2. Gaby, while I was reading this post, I stopped after every point mentioned and thought whether this applys to me or not. I think some of your disadvantages can also be advantages because being accessible after business hours implies that in case of an emergency you can react fast and directly. I you wish not to be called, you may turn off your mobile device and are isolated from any incoming call. High costs can be limited by flatrates. In the companies where I’ve worked, cell phones were always bought with flatrate packages. That way you ensure that the costs wont go over a certain level.
    However I undoubtably learned something from your post!! You’ve listed points that I havent thought of before but that surely illustrate advantages. In addition I thought the structure couldn’t be any clearer. It was easy to read because due to the dots I always knew where a point ended.

    • Thanks Max for your great comment!

      Now that you pointed out that way, I realized it´s totally true what you say. I wouldn´t like to be called at late hours at night, or if I´m on holidays. But it is important if you work for a big company and if you have a managerial position to actualy be reacheable all the time, you never know what can happen.

      And I´m glad my post help you to find out something new, or thing you never thought about before.

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