Should your company Twitter?

Regarding to my last post Developing Business with Social Media Marketing, in this context means with Twitter, as I got a feedback from Mr.Spear to look out the link Twitter for Business on Pistachio by Laura Fitton and I think its a good research to continue my last post.

Pistachio Consulting helps companies, brands, agencies and high profile individuals make smart business use of microsharing tools like Twitter. They provide briefings, consulting, strategy, training and full microsharing programs that create value, engage customers, learn more about their customers and better engage with their market. They also offer professional services and research to support microsharing inside the enterprise. They add an article Twitter for Business blog post, Chris Brogan which really good to look out, and here’s the article.

Twitter for Business blog post

Chris Brogan wrote a very concise and useful post on how to use Twitter for business. In it, you will find ideas on creating an account, topics to consider for the medium, a check on Twittetiquette, and an assessment of both the minuses and the pluses of having a Twitter presence.

The conversation at Chris’ blog got into a lot of different tactics, with many useful comments. As for business value on the strategic side, and these are some of tips :

  • When promoting a blog post, ask a question or explain what’s coming next, instead of just dumping a link.
  • Commenting on others’ tweets, and retweeting what others have posted is a great way to build community
  • Ask questions. Twitter is GREAT for getting opinions.

Twitter Problem

There is also problem on Twitter at least until I found the article that has been wrote by Brandon De Hoyos as I was looking for my research about Twitter on Google, there is problem that interesting to discuss with.
While many corporations and even mom and pop companies have rushed to join the flood of businesses on Twitter, many are figuring out the hard way that their Twitter-based marketing just doesn’t pay out.

The problem, according to Twitter users, is a flood of one-dimensional tweets marketing wares without any real connection between a business and its followers.

“People aren’t on Twitter to be advertised to,” said Nathan Mathews, social networking consultant for Kuru Footwear, an active footwear company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“They joined Twitter to become part of a bigger conversation that crosses borders, ethnicity, cultures, and religions.”

by Rusdi, Rusdi


One thought on “Should your company Twitter?

  1. Rusdi, you may like this link it’s about the advantages twitter offers to businesses and how they can benefit from the social network. I, personally, am on twitter and I do follow certain businesses to get updates on what they are working on and when certain products are released. What I like most about twitter is, that companies dont publish articles with 10000000 words but give updates in short, precise statements with links to longer articles if the reader is interested!

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