Ads can be fun

Ads suck…mostly! They interrupt television program and make us feel like we’ve been taken for fools often enough.

But, if you already feel annoyed by certain advertisements, would you have the willingness to buy the praised product? Probably not!


It could be different. Sometimes, there are actually exceptions between promotional movies that do not force you to grab the remote control to zap on a different channel or make you flee towards the fridge. Some spots can literally be awesome – weather because they convince in terms of movie technology and offer something pleasant for the eye of the viewer, or because the they contain funny/exciting moments. Sometimes advertising is so good that the spot even reaches cult status.

If you are searching for these spots on the internet, online platforms such as Youtube are probably the best place for it. Many companies, for example the mail order company OTTO, publish their spots on Youtube: “Cloth Swopping – OTTO”

The advertisment remains memorized – in this case, in a positive way!


Some more pics that I’ve found on the web:

Nike Run benches NYC

Nike Run benches NYC

reverse installed Subway Station benches. Facing the Ad.

reverse installed Subway Station benches. Facing the Ad.

Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurant

Swiss Skydive - Elevator

Want more? Visit: Coloribus


1 thought on “Ads can be fun

  1. I agree with you… sometimes advertising can be so annoying, but sometimes it does leave a positive message behind.

    I found the picture from Nike so cool, is like they are telling you visualy “Don´t sit down, and keep runing, you can do it” or I felt it like that..,
    I visited the Coloribus web pages where you can find much more interesting advertising pictures, I didnt´t like so much the one from the toilet paper soft silk, I founded a little bit repulsive.
    Which one you like/hate the most and why? And if I may ask why did you choose this topic?

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