2 Must Have Applications!

In the past last weeks I´ve been writing about the relation businesses and smartphones have.  Now I want to introduce you applications that will definitely make your life easier, well it is not what applications are for???

If you have a smartphone you don´t need to bring your laptop with you all the time, just take out your smartphone and dig into a wonderful world of opportunities.


This is the first application I want to introduce you.  According to businessinsurance.org there aren´t many businesses that don´t use some form of office suite software.  And now because of cloud computing you must be able to access these documents from everywhere.

So, this application will let you open and edit your documents anytime and anywhere.  They also mentioned that the most important feature to consider is remote access.

On phones.com Jeb Brilliant comment that this applications makes his iPad a business device.  He said: I find it makes my iPad a more usable work space, and that he would personally recommened it to anyone.

But, what is QuickOffice Pro HD?

QuickOffice Pro HF is a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentation program.

Android.appstorm.net explain us how do all these features work. QuickOffice HD can open Word document in both Word 93-2003 and Word 2007 onwards, also Excel formats .xls and .xlsx spreadsheets, and .ppt and .pptx PowerPoint presentations.  It also has a built-in PDF reader and syncs nicely with several cloud-based storage services, including Google Docs, Dropbox and MobileMe, which is vey useful if you want to work on the move or to access your documents from different locations.

Most of Office apps on smartphones were notoriously difficult to use due to the small screen size. But QuickOffice HD is much easier to use and certainly suits larger tablet screens.  When you open the application you are greeted with the Welcome screen, which brings up a list of local files, any recent documents you have accessed and any cloud services you are connected to.  You can also search for documents within the application using the search function, wich obviously eliminates the need to exit the program to hunt for a particular document.

Here a quick demo that demonstrates how the app works!


– Your files are always with you-

The next evolutionary step in cloud computing for your business on the road is file sharing apps.  You don´t need only to open/edit simple files in office documents, you may have the need to have access to images, videos or a number of other formats while away from the offices.

Yan Matusevich on androidpit.com states that GoAruna is an online storage with unlimited space.  You first need to set-up an account with GoAruna, which you can also use on your phone.  Through this application you can manage, share and have access to all your files at home, at work and on the Go.

With this application you can upload files, share links to specific files with your friends or have them upload files to your own “Dropbox”.  This is all included in your online storage, which is completely safe because of their secure high tech datacenter.

This application you can get if for free, but with a maximun of storage of 2 GB, or if you would like to use it for business then you can get it for $75 a month for 5 users with a storage capacity of 350 GB.  Choose your best option!

I hope I gave you an overview on this apps, which might make your life a bit easier!  Give them a try!


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