Mercedes-Benz (B-Class) – A World’s First in Collision Avoidance

I was currently thinking what kind of topic that I’m going to write into my blog post until I saw a Mercedes-Benz advertising while I was watching movie on television last night then I decided to write it here.

New Mercedes-Benz B-Class is the first Car in the world with Collision Prevention System


The research results prove, in Germany more than 22 percent of passengers or the driver’s fatal injuries caused by automobile collisions from behind. As in the United States, the figure is larger, namely 31 percent. Mercedes-Benz estimates that around 20 percent of all rear-end collisions can be avoided and the severity of such accidents can be reduced a further 25 percent with the use of radar-based collision prevention technology. Prior to this, Mercedes-Benz have gained valuable experience from developing the adaptive cruise control feature DISTRONIC PLUS, which slows or accelerates the car according to a preset distance with the vehicle in front, and brake assist BAS PLUS which ensures maximum brake pressure if applied under emergency situations (drivers have been found to not apply sufficient brake pressure under panic braking). Building on that same knowledge, Mercedes-Benz has now perfected the next step in collision prevention technology to be cheap yet reliable enough for series production in the highly cost sensitive small car segment.

Called COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST, the system is able to recognize stationary objects ahead of the vehicle and if the gap is rapidly reducing dangerously, an audible warning chime is sounded to alert the driver while at the same time, the brake cylinder will be “primed” to deliver maximum brake pressure as soon as the driver hit the brakes. On PRE-SAFE equipped cars, if an imminent collision is detected, all passenger seats will be returned to upright position, lowered windows raised and opened sunroof closed, and seat belt pre-tensioners will be “pre-charged.” If you have to hurled forward, PRE-SAFE make will make sure you are to be hurled forward in the best position possible given the circumstances.

Mercedes Thanks the Airbag

“Thanks Airbag.” We, however, feel that to entirely sum up this commercial’s accomplishments, it would better be named, “What’s Past is Prologue.” Here’s why.

The spot celebrates the 30th anniversary of the arrival of automobile airbags in Mercedes Benz’s with super-cool imagery of people floating car-less along nighttime highways. They eventually find themselves in collisions, and the only thing that materializes to save them are airbags.

Here’s the prologue part: The narrator says, “Stay as you are airbag. We will need you in the future—just not as often.” At which point, we see a driver avoid an oncoming collision with a tanker because of a dashboard warning alarm. The tagline: “The B-Class with Collision Prevention Assist as standard.”

We would be even more impressed if the warning alarm screamed out, “Stop texting while driving”

By Rusdi, Rusdi


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