WhatsApp Messenger

Well some of you may already know this application called WhatsApp Messenger, I know it since 2010 as one of my friend told me about this application particularly for smartphone and I think I’m going to write about it.

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Nokia phones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages. And you can free download it here on your smartphone.

The different from SMS?

SMS is an older messaging system with a limited functionality and high cost. WhatsApp Messenger aims to provide more at a lower cost. We are sure you and your friends will figure out the difference between SMS and WhatsApp Messenger very quickly.

The Advantages

I collected all the resources about the main point why people are using WhatsApp:

  • you could still send regular SMS to your friend me that have another brand of smartphones such as Android, Iphone or Blackberry.
  • whatsApp is very convenient – people just like and prefer short message services. Your argument could equally be used to compare why people don’t just send emails instead of text messages.
  • you don’t need to log in, and use a lot of battery power continuously running. This is particularly noticeable on android, they also lose connection frequently and you require to re-log in for it, so Whatsapp is essentially an IM that just works very well on all platforms, without any of the drawbacks of other messengers.

Security Concern

At least these are some lack of WhatsApp that I found on Wikipedia,

In September 2011 a new version of the WhatsApp Messenger application for iPhones was released. In this new version, the developer has closed a number of critical security holes that allowed forged messages to be sent and messages from any WhatsApp user to be read.

On January 6th 2012 an unknown hacker published a website (WhatsAppStatus.net) which made it possible to change the status of an arbitrary whatsapp user, as long as the phone number was known. To let it work it only required a restart of the app. According to the hacker it is only one of the many security issues in Whatsapp.

Another was on the 9th of January Whatsapp reported to have implemented a final solution. In reality the only measure that was taken, was blocking the website’s IP-address. As a reaction a Windows tool was made available for download providing the same functionality. This issue has not been resolved until now. The first notification of this issue has been reported to Whatsapp in September 2011.

By Rusdi, Rusdi


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