The Internet. The World Wide Web.

One of the, if not the, greatest Tools of the last century. It has created a completely new business, it has revolutionize the way we communicate, the way we gain knowledge and understanding, the way we work and especially our whole life.

It gave us access to the whole world. In Germany are over 51 Million people “online”, nearly 2 billion worldwide. There are more than 22 million Facebook users in Germany, 155 million in the USA, and they upload a total of 36 billion images, every minute 48 hour of new videos are uploaded to YouTube and 2 billion videos are watched per day, there are 152 Million blogs and like 202 million internet domains.

So that´s are nice facts, but why?

Let me ask you something did you read this text above without any pause?
You did not check Facebook, Google+ or another social media?
Or maybe the television in the back? Or maybe you change a song on YouTube?
Ok, possible not because this text was very short, but I hope you get a clue of my stupid point.


I like to quote Sir Ken Robinson.… living in the intensive stimulating period in the history of the earth.
The Distraction is everywhere, ok not only the internet, but with all the Smartphone’s around it has doubled his potential impact.

 “Dark Side “

It is a thing we are all do. By writing this text I checked Facebook, after finding Sir Robinsons video you was distracted by YouTube, because I found other interesting videos.
Sometimes I think we humans are still the noisy little monkey.

And with that comes another problem

Multitasking. Multitasking. Multitasking

We often try to keeping track of everything around us and so we try to divide your attention. But that has affects like Clifford Nass, a Stanford professor of communications, worked out on a study.

… heavy multitaskers experience cognitive issues, such as difficulty focusing and remembering things. They were actually worse at juggling various activities, a skill crucial to many people’s work lives, than those who spent less time multitasking.

Some additional information.

What I want is to encourage you to look at yourself. And rethink. How can you avoid that distraction? Because that is something you can only find out for yourself. Maybe it is the good old discipline or something else. I don´t know.

But remember the easy and all time access to all kind of information’s (distraction) is like a tsunami for us.


United States of Piracy – Part III

In this part I will state my own opinion and thought of this whole debate.

At my search for information’s and opinions I found Rob Holmes blog. As you know I found something “good” but his whole blog gave me also some good laughs. One of my favorite was as he refers to himself and the other supports of the SOPA as “We were regular working joes“.

Excuse me? Regular working joes?

The bill is supported by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). And no one can tell me that these kind of organizations and the other supporters are “regular working joes”. These are global players, not average small companies or organizations.

For Tony Bradley from PC World
These organizations are like crotchety old men yelling at the neighbor kids to get off their lawn. But, in this case their “lawn” is the Internet, and instead of “yelling” they’re threatening to fill it with landmines that effectively make it useless.”

And there is the thread of losing jobs….. Again

The general-purpose tool for all situations.
You want to ban something? Jobs are in DANGER!
There could be a possible law against your business? Jobs are in DANGER!
There is something forbidden? Jobs are in DANGER!

Dawn it, come up with a new punch line, this is getting old.

There are already good alternatives, to save jobs, like I stated in > An additional view on Piracy <.

Silence in the news

Also fascinating is the silence in the news media about SOPA.

And seriously this bill is big thread against the freedom of speech and the freedom itself. It would be way to easy to ban websites. If somebody wants your website down and finds nothings illegal, he can just place piracy stuff on our side and now he can put you out of business. There is a reason for the separation of powers in the democratic system.

Of course the United States Chamber of Commerce saidThat sort of draconian measure is not where the bills are aimed.”
That might be true, but the Law would give the opportunity, the possibility to do so.
And son or later somebody will use it. For sure!

United States of Piracy – Part II

The Stop Online Piracy Act is good?

For Tony Bradley it is exactly the opposite, for him this Law “…threatens the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens

And he is not alone.

The guy´s from “The Tom’s Hardware Team” wrote in their blog a briefly summary of the effects that the law would have and gave an example how it would affect their work.

  • Assign liability to site owners for everything users post, without consideration for whether or not the user posted without permission. Site owners could face jail time or heavy fines, and DNS blacklisting.
  • It would require web services like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to monitor and aggressively filter everything all users upload.
  •  It would deny site owners due process of law, by initiating a DNS blacklisting based solely on a good faith assertion by an individual copyright or intellectual property owner.

As an example, imagine a user posts a video clip to the Tom’s Community of a step-by-step guide on how to set up water cooling on an overclocked i7 CPU. Playing in the background behind the voiceover is “Derezzed” by Daft Punk. The studio representing Daft Punk could issue a complaint, without being required to notify us or request a take-down. Tom’s Hardware would be liable and prosecuted solely on a good faith assertion of the copyright owner, without notification, with the site operators subject to possible jail time for not preventing the video from being posted. In short order, the http://www.tomshardware.com/ domain in the United States would no longer resolve to our servers and visitors attempting to come to Tom’s Hardware would be redirected to a “This site under review for piracy/copyright violations” page.

To prevent that the Team would have to review and approve every single new post (every new thread, every new response etc.), before it can get published. And even then, there is the possibility of not caught violations of copyright, like a paragraph of a book for example.

For them the SOPA, with this massive restrictions on user-generated contend, is a fundamentally change the way information is presented online. They also say that “would give the U.S. government the power to selectively censor the web using techniques similar to those used in China, Malaysia and Iran.

And people like Sergey Brin, Google co-founder agrees to such kind of statement.
Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, Twitter co-founders, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman even take the extra step and say that law would give improper “power to censor the Web.”

These companies are already taking steps against the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Nuclear option

And there are thinking about what Declan McCullagh called a “political equivalent of a nuclear option.”
A total blackout of their pages for one day.

Stay tuned for Part III

United States of Piracy Part I

Unlike the Swiss Government, Members of the United States House of Representatives believe there is a big threat from online piracy for the entertainment sector and even for the safety of the United States of America. To counter this urgent threat Lamar S. Smith and a bipartisan group of 12 initial co-sponsors files the bill called the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA).

Why the people of the USA are threatened?

Forty-seven per cent of America’s gross national product now comes from Intellectual Property”, says Rob Holmes Founder & CEO of IPCybercrime, a firm providing investigations for brand owners and their attorneys. And this property is in danger by faceless villains.

The Creative America Group supports like many other companies the Stop Online Piracy Act and state some facts why

  • Content theft threatens more than 2 million jobs supported by the film and television industry
  • over 500,000 movies are illegally distributed each day worldwide
  • Spongebob Squarepants has been watched illegally 1.6 billion times since 2008.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates a loss of $135 billion in revenues each year from piracy and counterfeiting. Rob Holmes also stated about the internet
The Internet is not just a bunch of wires and tubes, but the sidewalks, highways and railroads of our nation.”
And these sidewalks, highways and railroads need to be watched and controlled because
The Internet is a real place with real people, and real businesses need real laws.”


Fundamentally, this is about jobs,” said Michael O’Leary of the Motion Picture Association of America, one of the major supports of the SOPA.
The Stop Online Piracy Act is there to protect the intellectual property, the entertainment industry and their jobs and revenue. This protection is even given in the United Nation Article 27 Section (2) “Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.”

Piracy is not romantic 

Our mistake was allowing this romantic word — piracy — to take hold,” said Tom Rothman, the co-chief executive of Fox Filmed Entertainment in an interview. He also added “It’s really robbery — it’s theft — and that theft is being combined with consumer fraud.
Rob Holmes calls the SOPA bill even a “border security”. Because it also protects the American consumer against dangerously flawed pharmaceuticals, faulty brake pads and defective smoke alarms. Tom Rothman added “…sending their credit card information to these anonymous offshore companies, and they’re receiving defective goods.”

Stop Online Piracy Act would give every author a good and fast way to stop the robbery of his property. And it would protect the citizens of the United States and their Jobs.

The SOPA is good.

Stay tuned for Part II

An additional view on Piracy

The last time I mention the study of the Swiss government about the illegal file sharing. If you haven´t read it the last time or you are not able to read it, I will give you a short overview.

The Swiss government on copyright

The Swiss government was asked to verify his copyright bill, to protect the rights of his owner, because they stated a downturn in their income.The study shows that one third of the Swiss are downloading illegal files, often with a lack of knowledge which is legal and which is illegal. But the study shows one remarkable and important thing. The income that was and is spending for the entertainment sector didn’t decrease. There was only a shift in spending. They state that the people spend their saved money into other goods like concert tickets and merchandise.

With this conclusion the Swiss government saw no need to act on his copyright bill. Because there were only a change in consumer behavior and the company have to adjust this situation on their own.

 Another interesting fact

Ernesto from TorrentFreak, a very informative sit if you are interest in this subject, stats in his article that the number of illegal downloads of TV-Series are decreasing in the USA and that continuously over the last past years. Because of legal alternatives like Netflix and Hulu. Ernesto gave us a little prove of his statement “When Fox decided to delay the airing of new episodes on Hulu in August, many former Hulu users turned to BitTorrent where the number of US downloads more than doubled.”

Back to the studies. Under the motto

 “Never trust statistics you didn’t fake yourself.”

Brian Jackson brought up a report from an anti-piracy group that should prove the opposite. This group, the Business Software Alliance (BSA), with members like Microsoft, Adobe Systems Inc. etc., claims that they found “a bonanza of economic benefits” for Canada. If they only could reduce their piracy rate by 10 per cent, over two to four years. With thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars for the economy.

Is there really a Bonanza?

To get different view of this kind of “shocking” report Brian Jackson asked Michael Geist, an Internet law expert at the University of Ottawa and he quoted to this“The suggestion that reducing unlicenced software use leads directly to great IT purchasing is demonstrably false, given the many examples where organizations lower piracy rates by turning to open source alternatives.”

He also pointed out in his own blog that the BSA sad that the piracy rate “dropped by three percent to 29%, the biggest drop among developed countries and – the BSA noted – an all-time low.”

And in addition to that he states a symbolic question “Has that created thousands of new jobs and generated billions in new revenues and taxes?”

I hope I was able to give you an additional view about this kind of subject.

Making Money with Piracy

In the Power of YouTube and the Money of YouTube I blogged about the legal way to make money in the internet. The possibility with videos and online marketing.

But we all know there is a “dark side” of the internet.

“The Piracy” or the “Black Market” Sites.

Here you can find Movies, Series, Music, Games etc. and they are all for free. A huge pain in the a** for all the Entertainment companies.

By the way I stumble about a study of the Swiss government about this subject, that i found quit interesting / funny.

But that should not be my topic for this blog post. This blog post is about a question my little cousin raised, a question that I never really sort about.

Why do they make that? Why people offers illegal data for free? Why risking been charged or anything like that?

Ellen Seidler wrote a nice and explaining blog post about this subject.

So what is the purpose?

In Ellen Seidler opinion this whole piracy is driven by one thing

“…the thing that has motivated mankind since time began—the desire to make money.  “

And she states that with some good evidence.

Let me explain what I have learned from her blog post and with self experience. If you want to download a file on one of these special sites, easy to find on Google etc., you will always be getting a link to a file hosting service like Filesonic, Fileserve, Rapidshare, Mediafire, 7x.to, etc.

This hoster provides you than with the chosen file, which is called, if it is illegal, Warez.

But where is the money?

And now we come to the question >Where do they get money from?<

If you are an Uploader to one of this file hosting sides, you get money from downloads. So simple is that.

Ellen Seidler adds to that “Simply put, the more downloads you generate for your file, the more money you earn.”

But, why?

Because this hosting sides depends on traffic to make money. And with this money “reward” for the uploaders, they want to encourage their user to share their files.

So how do they turn traffic into money?

I will give you one simple word Advertising. With that they make the big money.

They also generate money from offering premium accounts, in which user has high-speed and parallel downloads and so on for a fee.

And that all brings me back to the sides, which provide this links. These sides are often relate to one of this file hoster, so that they promote, by often use their site to store warez contend.

This sides make also money, like the hosters, throw their advertisement.

Please feel free to leave comments, if you want to know more about this subject or if I let something out that raised your interests.

The MONEY of

and how we all can make Money.

In my last blog post I showed you the two possible ways to use YouTube to promote your business.

Matt Smith from OnlineIncomeTeacher calls them the Affiliate Marketing, where you make “how-to guide videos” and Promoting Your Current Business,where you promote your name, service and your products all over the world.

But there is another opportunity to earn money.

How?  You can get money direct from YouTube.

How?  By advertising.

The Way to the money!

You need your own videos on YouTube and they need several thousand of views in a small space of time. If that happened YouTube maybe offers you a Partnership. And in that partnership, you get a part of what YouTube earns with the advertisement at your video. The more viewed you get and the more people click on adverts, the more you earn.

Matt Smith state here a very fitting conclusion to that

“So, if you can come up with a great idea and produce a very popular video on YouTube, you can potentially make a lot of money.”

A handful of internet stars turn video views into pay cheques.

For example Shibangi Das told us the story of Gayathri Vantillu who likes to cook. She just began to upload her home cooking videos to YouTube. And over 4 millions views and 290 videos later she earns about 40.000 Rs (about 600 €) in a month.

And there is Michael Buckley.

Michael Buckley is the host of the YouTube Show “What the Buck”, where he talks about celebrity and thus kind of stuff.  With that show he makes a livening. He told Brian Stelter from The New York Times that his online profits had greatly surpassed his salary from his day job, which he quit. He also said that he was earning over $100,000 from YouTube advertisements.

But no one can give exact numbers because YouTube declined to comment the amount of how much money, partners earn form the advertisement and the partners are also forbidden to comment that.

So there is only sunshine?

Not exactly. To become a partner is a hard and long way. And you see just a few make money out of that.

Michael Buckley quotes to this

“I was spending 40 hours a week on YouTube for over a year before I made a dime.”


Youtube is one of the most known and most visit website of the World Wide Web. Many people even use YouTube as search engine.

But where is the business here?

Easy answer.

With all his visitors, it has the power to promote your name, service and your products all over the world. And if you set up an YouTube channel, it is like you own a personal TV stations.

With this kind of arguments the Bliss Drive Company promote their services in Video marketing.

But I think there are right. YouTube gives your business a great opportunity to promote yourself easily.

Are there other reasons?

Natalie gives use many more good reasons to use YouTube for our business. Like that, that a video is a very good way to demonstrate or explain things about your services or products. And to communicate direct to your possible clients, to give your product a face. She also thinks that is more effective to use video for online marketing, because people will remember it better than a written article. Natalie also points out an huge advantage of video marketing with Youtube. If the video is good and has something special it can became a viral hit. It can spread all over the social networks an can make you and your product well known.

That we all know is true

 In the end…

And finally Natalie also state a very big plus for the use of YouTube in business.

“The best thing about video marketing these days is that you don’t even have to be an expert at it.”

A tool for PDF´s

Hej Guys there are a lot of cool tools out there in the internet.

One of them is the PDFCreator.

This little cool tool makes it possible to create a PDF Document from a whole bunch of Data-Types. We all know that PDF is a very common Datatyp to share documents in private and in business.

“For good or evil, pdf is the standard format for universal accessibility. Adobe Reader is ubiquitous, and pdf’s are viewable on all computer platforms.” assures the guys from nedwolf.com

The function of the PDFCreator is very simple. After the installation the program simulates another printer and with that it converts for example word into a PDF.

So the PDFCreator is a very useful tool to share your documents easy. For Adam Pash the PDFCreator is an “all-in-one PDF Swiss Army knife”.

And Rob Dunn discovered an also little cool feature of this Tool. He found out that it is possible to shrink PDF daters with the PDFCreator. Here is his story.

It is also possible to melt different PDF into one. And the best part again is, it is totally free.

If you would like to have this useful tool you can download here at chip.de.

Best regards