The MONEY of

and how we all can make Money.

In my last blog post I showed you the two possible ways to use YouTube to promote your business.

Matt Smith from OnlineIncomeTeacher calls them the Affiliate Marketing, where you make “how-to guide videos” and Promoting Your Current Business,where you promote your name, service and your products all over the world.

But there is another opportunity to earn money.

How?  You can get money direct from YouTube.

How?  By advertising.

The Way to the money!

You need your own videos on YouTube and they need several thousand of views in a small space of time. If that happened YouTube maybe offers you a Partnership. And in that partnership, you get a part of what YouTube earns with the advertisement at your video. The more viewed you get and the more people click on adverts, the more you earn.

Matt Smith state here a very fitting conclusion to that

“So, if you can come up with a great idea and produce a very popular video on YouTube, you can potentially make a lot of money.”

A handful of internet stars turn video views into pay cheques.

For example Shibangi Das told us the story of Gayathri Vantillu who likes to cook. She just began to upload her home cooking videos to YouTube. And over 4 millions views and 290 videos later she earns about 40.000 Rs (about 600 €) in a month.

And there is Michael Buckley.

Michael Buckley is the host of the YouTube Show “What the Buck”, where he talks about celebrity and thus kind of stuff.  With that show he makes a livening. He told Brian Stelter from The New York Times that his online profits had greatly surpassed his salary from his day job, which he quit. He also said that he was earning over $100,000 from YouTube advertisements.

But no one can give exact numbers because YouTube declined to comment the amount of how much money, partners earn form the advertisement and the partners are also forbidden to comment that.

So there is only sunshine?

Not exactly. To become a partner is a hard and long way. And you see just a few make money out of that.

Michael Buckley quotes to this

“I was spending 40 hours a week on YouTube for over a year before I made a dime.”