United States of Piracy – Part III

In this part I will state my own opinion and thought of this whole debate.

At my search for information’s and opinions I found Rob Holmes blog. As you know I found something “good” but his whole blog gave me also some good laughs. One of my favorite was as he refers to himself and the other supports of the SOPA as “We were regular working joes“.

Excuse me? Regular working joes?

The bill is supported by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). And no one can tell me that these kind of organizations and the other supporters are “regular working joes”. These are global players, not average small companies or organizations.

For Tony Bradley from PC World
These organizations are like crotchety old men yelling at the neighbor kids to get off their lawn. But, in this case their “lawn” is the Internet, and instead of “yelling” they’re threatening to fill it with landmines that effectively make it useless.”

And there is the thread of losing jobs….. Again

The general-purpose tool for all situations.
You want to ban something? Jobs are in DANGER!
There could be a possible law against your business? Jobs are in DANGER!
There is something forbidden? Jobs are in DANGER!

Dawn it, come up with a new punch line, this is getting old.

There are already good alternatives, to save jobs, like I stated in > An additional view on Piracy <.

Silence in the news

Also fascinating is the silence in the news media about SOPA.

And seriously this bill is big thread against the freedom of speech and the freedom itself. It would be way to easy to ban websites. If somebody wants your website down and finds nothings illegal, he can just place piracy stuff on our side and now he can put you out of business. There is a reason for the separation of powers in the democratic system.

Of course the United States Chamber of Commerce saidThat sort of draconian measure is not where the bills are aimed.”
That might be true, but the Law would give the opportunity, the possibility to do so.
And son or later somebody will use it. For sure!